An Unbelievable Subject and Several Things to Consider

Affiliate marketing is here to stay. In fact, it's one of the few things that has stood the test of time on the Internet. Why? Because it works. But I'm not here to tell you that, I'm here to tell you that your doing it all wrong.

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The Myth

There is a myth surrounding affiliate marketing. We see it plastered all over the IM (Internet Marketing) world. In fact, there are tons of products out there that will "show you" how affiliate marketing works.

"Throw up a few articles, make a Squidoo page or two, maybe even a Youtube video and magically money will flow into your Clickbank account."

Okay, now maybe I'm exaggerating a little bit on that one. But I wanted to get the point across. The sad truth of the matter is that this will actually work. This is a bad thing. It's bad to give people false hope like that. I hate going on forums and watching people answer questions in the above manner. Sure, you can make money online that way - but it's not a good way to go about your business.

There are millions of other people doing just that. Think about that for a second, there are millions of other people doing just that. There, I repeated it and even put it in bold for ya, just to make sure it stuck. But listen up because it's true.

Have you ever wondered why some people just seem to "get it." Why a few people seem to make all the real cash online, while everyone else makes squat? It's because they look at you, and turn to run faster that a mouse in a litter box. It's because they look at the "norm" - they look at what everyone else is doing and they ask themselves "what can I do differently."

Get Out Of There

I'm talking about the box of course. You need to get out. Let's look at some things real quick just to put my points into perspective. Take a product, any product you are currently promoting and I want you to go to google and type in this query:

all in title:"Product Name"

And look at the results.

Now I can't tell you how many results came up but I bet it's quite a lot. Now consider this, that is your current competition. You are competing with that many other webpages minus yours.

Why I'm Making More Money Than You

I have a game plan. I have established websites setup just to promote products before they come out. Yes, before they come out because that's where the money is at.

The Real Secret

Is quite simple actually, you need to get in first. You need to know what's going to happen before everybody else. This is the "real secret." And it's not a complicated one. You don't need to write 1,000 articles a day to make money online. All you need to do it "work smart not hard."

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