Increase Sales By Decreasing The Gimmicks

In today's marketplace old sales tactics are watered down although still heavily used. Customers don't respond to sales pitches anymore. More and more they are relying on previous customer feedback to make their decisions. Of course the reality of this varies by industry. Some industries, like financial services, thrive on customer ignorance and confusion. The more confused a customer is the more the agents look like gods. But even then, a customer can give the age old "let me think about it" objection, and turn around to jump on Google to validate or invalidate everything the agent said.

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The point here is that when it comes to shopping, people are more privy to sleazy sales tactics than they've ever been before. Often times they are already expecting the sales rep to be attempting to take advantage of them by lying. This makes it difficult for both parties to have any real communication.

If you're in sales, don't worry about your "sales skills". Work harder on your "people skills". You're ability to befriend someone by getting them to like you in an honest and genuine way will do more for your sales numbers than any other factor. Be ethical. Don't sell them something they don't need. Trust me, they'll know what you're doing. Some people have a hard time saying "no" so they are easy targets for sleazy sales people. The sales person engaging in this behavior thinks he's good, but really he's just a predator.

Be honest, be ethical, be clear, be certain, present your product in a positive light, refrain from bad mouthing the competition. If you are going to make comparisons, be general, don't name specific companies. Sell benefits (not features).

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