The San Francisco Bay Area's most famous landmark is a bridge, the Golden Gate. But local residents know that the Golden Gate Bridge is only one of many bridges needed to get around in Northern California. The Bay Area boasts 7 bridges used in packed daily commutes around town: the Golden Gate Bridge, San-Francisco Oakland Bay Bridge (aka The Bay Bridge), Dumbarton Bridge, Carquinez Bridge, Benicia-Martinez Bridge, San Mateo Hayward Bridge, and Richmond San Rafael Bridge. Traffic, construction, poor driving, weather, and multiple exits are all factor that can contribute to bridge-related crashes. With NoCal's high number of bridges and enormous number of commuters, bridge accidents are a weekly and sometimes daily occurrence.

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The Bay Area's bridges are a crucial piece of it's transportation network. No Cal bridges are in constant use by cars, trucks, motorcycles, buses, bicycles and pedestrians. Traffic can be heavy at any time and especially at rush hour on nearly all SF area bridges. Accidents on bridges can make commuting a nightmare. Following is a list of the seven bridges that Northern Californians use to cross the Bay and other waters. The list includes information about the bridges' locations, freeway linkages, traffic capacities, and tolls.

Golden Gate Bridge

Location: San Francisco Bay, spanning San Francisco to Marin County

Highway Connection: part of US Route 101 and State Route 1

Annual Average Daily Traffic (AADT): 118,000

Capacity: 6 lanes

Users: Motor Vehicles, Bicycles, Pedestrians

Toll: Yes (southbound)

San Francisco Oakland Bay Bridge, also known as The Bay Bridge Location: San Francisco Bay, from Oakland to San Francisco

Highway Connection: part of I-80

AADT: 270,000

Capacity: 10 lanes on 2 levels

Users: Motor Vehicles

Toll: Yes (westbound)

Dumbarton Bridge

Location: San Francisco Bay, spanning Fremont to Menlo Park

Highway Connection: part of State Route 84

AADT: 81,000

Capacity: 6 lanes

Users: Motor Vehicles, Bikes, Pedestrians

Toll: Yes (westbound)

San Mateo - Hayward Bridge

Location: SF Bay, from the Peninsula (Foster City) to East Bay (Hayward)

Highway Connection: part of SR 92

AADT: 93,000

Capacity: 6 lanes

Users: Motor Vehicles

Toll: Yes (westbound)

Richmond - San Rafael Bridge

Location: San Fran Bay, from Richmond to San Rafael

Highway Connection: part of I-580

AADT: n/a

Capacity: 4 lanes, 2 levels

Users: Motor Vehicles

Toll: Yes (westbound)

Carquinez Bridge

Location: Carquinez Strait, from Vallejo to Crockett

Highway Connection: part of Interstate-80

AADT: not available

Capacity: 8 lanes

Users: Motor Vehicles, pedestrians, bicycles

Toll: Yes (eastbound)

Benicia-Martinez Bridge

Location: Carquinez Strait, from Benicia to Martinez

Highway Connection: part of I-680

AADT: n/a

Capacity: 8 lanes, 2 levels

Users: Motor Vehicles

Toll: Yes (northbound)

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