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Today I would like to talk about Ezine Advertising. An Ezine is just like an online newsletter or magazine. The great thing about Ezine advertising is the instant mailing list built up of subscribers interested in receiving information from them, based on their own interests. This gives you the perfect opportunity to promote your service and products to those who are interested in your niche. Although Ezine advertising isn't free, it's low-cost and very effective when used correctly. The more subscribers you wish to reach the more it will cost you.

Like any other form of advertising the response rate all depends on your advertisement. Keep it eye catching and always offer something for free, people respond very well to the word FREE. Let's pretend for a moment that your not trying to make a sale, your only interested in helping others. If you can reflect this message in your advertisement you will find that your response levels are much much much higher.

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There are two main types of Ezine Ads available and they are a standard or solo. In my opinion the best of the two is definitely the solo ad. Anyone not using Ezine Ads in their marketing mix really is missing out on a huge flow of traffic and potential sales.

Standard Ad:

A standard ad is basically like a classified ad. It's placed on their newsletter which is emailed out to all subscribers on their list. This can be effective but there's a chance your ad will struggle to stand out amongst all the others placed on their newsletter.

Solo Ad:

A solo ad is just that "solo". Your ad will get sent out on it's own via email to all the subscribers who opt-in to receive promotions on a particular niche. I believe this is by far better than just having your ad placed in the middle of a dozen other advertisements.

The subject line of your solo ad is crucial. Your subject line will, initially, be the only thing anyone sees in their inbox. Your subject line determines whether or not someone is interested enough to open and read that mailing and act on your information. If your subject line isn't eye catching they will delete your mailing without giving it a second thought.

Your Ad:

Before placing an advertisement with any Ezine directory make sure you do your research. When subscribers sign-up they usually agree to receive information on a particular niche or product, so be sure that the Ezine you are using offers a subscriber base interested in your niche.

Prices tend to differ depending on which directory you go with, but the more subscribers on the list the more you should expect to pay. I'd say you are looking at about $60 for a decent list size of thousands rather than hundreds, all the information will be provided before placing your order. Look out for special offers giving discounts if placed in a certain time period. In the past I have paid just $14 for 110,000 subscribers.

The conditions of using any Ezine to promote your business is that you also sign up to the magazines you wish to use. This doesn't cost you anything, it just means they can promote other services to you and it's another way for them to grow their list. If you don't subscribe some of them simply don't send out your ad, so be sure to do this or you will waste your money.

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