Network Marketing Rules

Many people are looking to MLM opportunities as a way to earn either extra income, or to grow their MLM business into a business that will give them financial freedom.

In order to be successful in MLM a person needs to have the following.

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The Ability to Never Give Up.

Those who succeed in MLM have the ability to not give up. They recognise the law of increasing returns (that every new person they introduce results in a doubling of their growth potential). Thus they know it requires them to put in effort over a period of time, that growth in the early stages will be slow but will accelerate over time.

The Ability to Find the Right Product.

Successful MLM members believe in their product. They know their product. They know why they wanted it. They know why others want it. They believe in the growth potential of their product and use their product. The have search the MLM world and found the BEST product.

They have found the right reward system.

An MLM members can only be successful if the MLM system gives them a good system for rewarding them. This doesn't mean that the reward system has to give a huge reward for each customer, but ideally the reward should be ongoing over time and be affordable for everyone. Further the reward system needs to go down many levels to exploit the law of increasing returns.

They have to be able to educate those below them.

A successful MLM members educates those below them. They educate them in the product, educate them on how to market, educate them on being successful. They celebrate their team members success as their own (because in MLM it is). In fact a great MLM sponser is like a parent they want their children to be more successful than themselves.

They have the ability to sell to strangers.

Often network marketers fail because they only approach their own network family and friends. To succeed in MLM you have to sell to strangers. These people ideally don't stay strangers in an MLM they become team members and friends, but they start off as strangers.

They understand how to market.

The have to understand how to market, advertise and spread their product and opportunity to as many people as possible.

They celebrate their successes.

Successful MLM members love telling everyone how successful they are. They know their own success will attract more people. People love winners and want to be associated with winners.

They act on Opportunity.

Successful MLM members understand that the earlier they start in an MLM company the better. Thus they recognize the opportunity before them and act straight away.

They never give up.

Yes I know I said this, but they recognize MLM success requires time and effort. The are willing to put in effort over years. Most MLM millionaires never stop learning or giving to others to get there success.

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