Attraction Marketing 101: How to Become a Leader to Grow Your Business

If you have learned anything about attraction marketing, you may know that you need to learn how to become a leader in the eyes of your following if you want to grow your business. Taking on a leadership role may seem scary, or impossible, especially if you are new to the network marketing industry. Fortunately, becoming a leader is not something you have to figure out on your own, as there are others that have gone before you and can show you the way.

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That is what this business is all about, one person teaching the next person to be a leader, and thereby a whole lot of people end up developing themselves as leaders, as people, and are able to create the lives for themselves and others that are really worth living. To "become a leader" and teach others to be leaders is intentional living, living a life of purpose, on purpose, rather than being subjected to the whims of the general economy and luck. Leaders make life happen rather than letting life happen to them.

How to Become a Leader An Achievable Goal

To become a leader who is widely known and recognized as a leader can take time, but you still can be an effective leader and build your business by following some simple guidelines. It does take consistent work, but at the same time it is straightforward and doable. Below is my guide on how to become a leader, help a lot of other people, and succeed at your business.

How to Become a Leader: the Attraction Marketing Leadership Guide

1) Have a huge vision of what you want. This is extremely important, for this action sets the template inside your subconscious mind, which will determine what you can and can't achieve. The template inside your subconscious mind has a much bigger effect on your success than do the thoughts in your conscious mind. See it, imagine the details, imagine peoples reactions, and feel your emotional state when you have achieved your goals.

2) Develop personal habits and routines so you can be effective when it is time to work on your business. Eat healthy food, don't eat unhealthy food, get enough sleep (7 8 hours a night), and get regular exercise. If you are not awake, if you cannot think clearly, the time you spend on your business will be mostly wasted time. If you are awake and have a clear mind, you can do your work in a fraction of the amount of time it would have taken you otherwise, and the quality will be higher too. There are those who say being successful is a matter of just working hard, but look at your own results. How much can you get done, and how high quality is it, when you can't think clearly? If you are doing any activity that requires a high degree of creative intelligence, make sure you make taking care of yourself a high priority.

3) Create a daily routine you can stick to. Manage your time well, by setting goals, prioritizing tasks, following through, and holding yourself accountable.

4) Treat your business like what it is, a business, not a hobby. MLM leaders have a business first mentality. They have to put forth effort. Do the things others won't so you can live like others cant. If you put forth mediocre efforts, you'll get mediocre, or more likely no results. But if you treat your business like a million-dollar business, then that's what you'll eventually have, a business that makes you millions of dollars.

5) Be the best example of who you are, don't try to be someone you are not. If you think who you are is not good enough to be a leader, rest assured, you are good enough. And what you have to say is just as valuable as anything anyone else has to say. Just bring forth the best part of yourself, and keep challenging yourself to grow so you can keep improving.

6) Keep a positive attitude, and be positive with everyone you meet. Dont be alright or okay. Be great. Feel awesome. And make it real, because by doing this you will make your life better, and be better able to motivate others.

7) Listen and communicate effectively. Understand what your prospects concerns are, and direct your language to those concerns. When people feel they are being heard and appreciated, it will be much easier to bring them into your team.

8) Persevere and commit for the long haul. Dont expect immediate results. Expect to make mistakes and know you may spend money on things that produce little or no results. Stick with it even when it seems like you are making no progress. Dont give yourself any deadlines for success. If there is a Plan B, Plan A will never happen. Just set your sights and keep after it until it happens. No matter what.

9) Develop yourself as a leader by positioning yourself as a leader. Get very good at one thing, so that you can be the example of how to do it right. And grow from there.

10) Teach your following how to "become a leader" by example. Get good at one thing, learn how to make it work in a way anyone can follow. In the network marketing industry, success comes not from what works, but from what duplicates. Keep it simple and do the same things you know your following can do and teach as well.

11) Demonstrate your commitment to personal growth, and teach others how to develop themselves as well. It has been said that to succeed, you have to work on yourself four times as much as you work on your business. Make self-development part of your daily routine.

12) Follow other leaders, and keep learning your trade all the time. Leaders are always working on developing and improving their business. Learn from your own mistakes and the lessons of others. Teach your following to do the same.

13) Be passionate about what you do, and do something you are passionate about. Your passion will translate into increased productivity and increased interest by your following. Your passion will cause you to create better content, a stronger message, and will translate into your following feeling and acting upon that passion too. Your passion is infectious, and will help your followers grow into leaders themselves. Remember, teach by example, and your passion is part of that.

14) Make consistent, regular action. Let your readers, as well as the search engines, know you are here to stay and are worth watching.

15) Dont wait. Dont wait for success, don't wait until you have a large following, don't wait until you have made any money and don't wait until you have a big downline. Do the same things now that you would once you are successful, and that is create the content you intend on creating, and teach what you intend on teaching. BE a leader to BECOME a leader. BE what you intend on becoming, and before you know it, that will be your reality.

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