Corporate Business Card Tool

Oakmead Printing Inc. brings a web-based Business Cards Ordering Tool to growing and established companies looking for quality, consistency, and speed.

Oakmead Printing simplifies ordering the basic, yet important, sales tool essential to all businesses – the business card.

Our On-Line Tool . . .

  • Makes business cards ordering quicker, easier, smarter and more convenient.
  • • Eliminates multiple proofing cycles and prevents errors.
  • • Helps save valuable time and boost productivity.
  • • Gives you control with business card orders.
  • • Speeds up getting business cards, especially for Key personnel.
  • • Benefits you and your company.

You want …

  • your corporate business cards shipped within 3 days.
  • • to place each order in less than 30 seconds.
  • • them printed correctly the first time.
  • • to be informed about the status of your order.
  • • color and quality to be consistent every time.
  • • to save time and money.

You’ve just found the right vendor, Oakmead Printing Inc!

Oakmead Printing provides you with a quickereasier and smarter solution to manage your corporate business card orders.

Oakmead Printing Inc. allows you to place orders, proof for typos and view up-to-the-minute shipping status and order history anytime from anywhere is a computer connected to the internet!

“Oakmead Printing sets up a password protected private web site with all your business cards specifications, i.e. logo, fonts, layout, and ink colors, locked-in to ensure consistency. After typing in name, title, phones, etc for your order, you can instantly preview an electronic artwork of how the card will actually look. This speeds up the proofing cycle and prevents errors.”

Oakmead Printing is ideal for you if your company orders business cards frequently.

That means if your company has a large number of employees, independent agents, multiple offices or is experiencing a period of rapid growth, i.e., hi-tech, financial or hospitality companies, you will benefit from Oakmead Printing Inc’s  On-Line Tool.

Oakmead Printing understands the benefit of quickly and efficiently providing your staff with the basic, yet important sales tool – the business card.


Give us a call to further explain and set up your very own personalized business card ordering portal.
Oakmead Printing Inc. is an ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems Certified Business™


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