Eco Friendly Printing

enviroOur Eco-Friendly High Definition Digital & Offset Presses print with Dry Toners & Waterless Vegetable & Soy Based Inks that do not produce Chemically Tainted Waste Water. They also use Chemical-Free Printing Plates, and output 90% less Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) than traditional printing presses.

Our presses have computer controlled automation for reduced paper waste and time during job setups and press runs. Our clients get all these environmental benefits without any added costs.

Our facility at Oakmead Printing Inc. has also been certified as an Eco-Friendly Bay Area Green Business by Santa Clara County and the City of Sunnyvale for protecting, preserving, and sustaining environment through energy & water conservation, waste minimization, pollution prevention, and shrinkage of its carbon footprints.

Eco-Friendly Ink Choices

CMYK Process Colors, Full Color, 1, 2, 3 or 4 Colors,
Spot Color, Pantone Inks, Metallic Inks,
Laser Printer Safe inks,
Eco-Friendly Vegetable/Soy based inks,
Gloss/Matte/Satin Coating,