Trade show Printing in Mountain View and San Mateo, CA

What we do

Do you need a few hundreds of professional printing for an important Event or Trade Show quickly? Here at Oakmead Printing Inc., we can Digital or Offset Print your important & last minute Event or Trade Show printing jobs from 300 to 20,000 usually in one to two days using our Advanced Eco-Friendly High Definition Digital and Direct Imaging (DI) Offset Color Presses. For almost the same cost as Color Copies at around 300 quantity, you can get Digital or Offset Color Printing, real fast here at Oakmead Printing Inc. for your Event or Trade Show printing needs. High Definition Digital & Offset Color Printing give your business more credibility and prevent a small business image associated with Color Copies. They  give potential customers more confidence in responding to your offer and attract more profitable business.

Why use us

We are ISO 9001:2015 certified plus 9 reasons why Creative Designers, Marketing and Art Directors choose Oakmead Printing Inc. for their last minute and smaller quantity High Definition Digital & Offset Color printing projects for their Event or Trade Show printing needs.


Here at Oakmead Printing, Inc., we have been accommodating our clients special Marketing and Trade Show printing needs since 1985, in Sunnyvale California (the heart of Silicon Valley) and neighboring cities in the Greater San Jose & San Francisco Bay Area.

We have been accredited with an A+ Trust Rating by the Better Business Bureau and our Clients rely on us with their urgent and important Marketing and Trade Show printing projects.


We can print on Paper listed below as well as Vinyl, Polyester, Synthetic,

Magnetic Sheets & Self-Adhesive Labels.

Coated Paper (gloss, silk, matte, dull, satin, velvet)

Uncoated Paper(smooth, wove, linen, laid, felt, eggshell, etc)

25% – 100% Cotton Content

30%-100% Post Consumer Recycled Paper

FSC Certified Paper

Translucent and Vellum paper

Thickness from Onion skin to 0.017″


High Definition Digital & Real Offset Printing,
Near Photographic  Stunning Quality


Our Eco-Friendly High Definition Digital & Offset Presses print with Dry Toners & Waterless Vegetable & Soy Based Inks that do not produce Chemically Tainted Waste Water. They also use Chemical-Free Printing Plates, and output 90% less Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) than traditional printing presses.

Our presses have computer controlled automation for reduced paper waste and time during job setups and press runs. Our clients get all these environmental benefits for their Marketing and Trade Show printing needs without any added costs.

Our facility at Oakmead Printing Inc. has also been certified as an Eco-Friendly Bay Area Green Business by Santa Clara County and the City of Sunnyvale for protecting, preserving, and sustaining environment through energy & water conservation, waste minimization, pollution prevention, and shrinkage of its carbon footprints.


With every job, you get consistent color, precise image registration and High Definition Near Photographic quality printing. Unlike other Digital Presses, our High Definition Digital and Offset Presses inks are scratch resistant and do not require additional coating, saving our customers extra costs and production time. Also, our printed sheets, such as Letterhead, Press Releases and Envelopes, are “Laser Printer Safe”, when used with customers’ office desktop laser printers and they do not have “image tracking/running” problems.


Last-Minute Event or Trade Show Printing Orders available same day or next day from Press Ready “Press Ready” PDF files.


Print On-Demand as low as 300 quantity, order only what you need, when you need and keep your Print Inventory current & up-to-date at every Event and Trade Show. Prevent waste and save storage space by eliminating excess and outdated print inventory.


UV Coating (Gloss, Satin, Dull, Soft Feel)

Foil Stamp, Registered Emboss/Deboss, or Die cut

Film Lamination (Gloss, Dull, Dry Erase)


CMYK Process Colors, Full Color, 1, 2, 3 or 4 Colors,

Spot Color, Pantone Inks, Metallic Inks,

Laser Printer Safe inks,

Eco-Friendly Vegetable/Soy based inks,

Gloss/Matte/Satin Coating,

How to Order

Call 1-408-734-5505 or fill out this order form with your detailed job specification for a cost effective estimate for your Event or Trade Show printing needs now.