Fine Dining in Sydney

Situated in a heritage listed site Tetsuya has been refurbished to create an area of serenity amongst the bustling city which can be described as a gastronomic temple overlooking a garden in a Japanese style. Each room features eclectic art and ceramic pieces for a feeling of thought provocation. The menu features unique cuisine that is influenced by the Japanese philosophy of using seasonal flavours and influenced by classic French techniques and is basically undesirable. Tetsuya has won several awards and is ranked highly on the World stage.

The Boathouseis located on the waterfront at Sydney Harbours Blackwattle Bay with incredible views across the water which are arguably even better at night with the city lights. The restaurant offers an easy going but professional experience, where sharing the beautifully fresh and often lesser know varieties of seafood is encouraged. The menu offers seafood cooked contemporary Sydney style with European and Asian techniques.

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Quayoffers some of the best views of the Sydney Opera House to Harbour Bridge. Awe inspiring food is presented with a wealth of experience showcasing natures diversity with rare ingredients in an original style. Quay is known as one of the best in the world and has been named as Australias best three years running. The constantly evolving lunch and dinner menus can be experienced as a three and four course meal or a tasting menu.

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